“Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry” a new journal from Elsevier

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Dear Colleague, I’m very proud to announce that in the next months, Elsevier will start the publication the new peer reviewed scientific journal PERSONALIZED MEDICINE IN PSYCHIATRY (PMIP) with myself and Prof. Charles Nemeroff, Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Miami, serving as Co-Editors in Chief.

Since in other fields of medicine, such as oncology, this approach already brought to some breakthrough findings, we decided to embrace this new paradigm in the field of mental health. As a first step, in 2014 we build up the WPA Section on Personalized Psychiatry (open to all of you!) and afterwards we had the idea to propose an editorial agora that will focus on personalized approach to mental health and this idea motivated us to contact Elsevier that showed a strong enthusiasm in this projects. The main goal of PMIP is to become the reference point for psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and all practitioners as much as research scientist involved in the field of mental health, that are willing to be updated on but also contribute to the latest advancements and opinions in this fieldimmagine pmip

The science of personalized medicine has the ambition of helping clinicians to become better psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health practitioners with the final result of increasing the efficacy of therapeutic interventions and decreasing the occurrence of adverse effects, thus resulting in a increase of the mental health wellbeing in the general population.

We strongly invite all of you to submit experimental studies, reviews, meta-analysis, commentaries, and case reports dealing with this new paradigm in the mental health science with the promise of a building together the future of psychiatry and mental health.